Author: Adrian Mungiu

No More “Winning From Behind” Strategy

By Adrian Mungiu For far too long the Fairfax County Republican Party has followed a “Winning from Behind” strategy. We lose every race against incumbent Democrats, lose a seat or two that was held by a Republican, and watch our margins of victory decrease while our margins of defeat widen—to the point where we did…

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No More No-Go Zones

By Adrian Mungiu Some media has reported on the appearance of “no-go zones” throughout Western Europe. Police in England, France, Switzerland, and Germany do not patrol or respond to requests from neighborhoods where Muslims dominate the populace and prefer Sharia Law to the existing laws of their respective country of residence. Many conservatives and moderates…

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To Lead or Not To Lead, That is the Question

By Adrian Mungiu A study of man-made disasters quickly reveals that most disasters are a result of a series errors in judgment or policy rather than one monumental mistake.The Titanicis a famous example of a disaster that was wholly preventable:  The ship was running at full speed at night in ocean waters known to have icebergs…

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