Ginni Thomas, Virginia Delegate to the Republican National Convention, (Cleveland) 2016: “I endorse Tim Hannigan for Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee. I believe he will improve the effective functioning of the county party, respect volunteers and grow the party while showing improved loyalty to President Trump, the duly elected leader of the Republican Party.”

Phil Bell:“I’m writing today to offer my proud and enthusiastic support to Tim Hannigan is his campaign for Fairfax County Republican Committee Chairman. While I have known his opponent for a long time and have a lot of respect for his work, Tim brings a unique set of qualifications for a truly unique time.

Today in Fairfax County we’re living in a reality where the strategies of our past no longer work. That’s why Tim’s perspective as a grassroots volunteer coupled with his military and business background make him ideal for this job. What’s more, he has gone out of his way to promote Conservative principles by publishing the Fairfax Free Citizen, a journal that hasn’t wavered in its Conservative beliefs.

If you’re an FCRC member or you want to get back in the fold, I hope you’ll join me in voting Tim Hannigan on March 17th!”

Gwen Cody:“I have come to know Tim over the past couple of years through the Rotary Club of Annandale. Tim has been an active participant, including writing the Club’s two-page newsletter every week and helping me to line up meeting speakers. He exemplifies service above self. Also, I very much enjoy reading his Fairfax Free Citizen. He is on top of local and state issues. We need energetic Tim to be our new FCRC Chairman leading the charge to win back Republican seats.”

Lou DiLeonardo:  “Tim Hannigan is my choice to chair the FCRC because he has the management skills to lead Republican candidates to victory again in Fairfax. He is a proven leader with a solid record of accomplishment and will commit the necessary time and effort toward this goal.”

Michael Giere:  “Republicans have a choice—they can continue doing what they have been doing—because it has worked swell.Or, they can elect a new Chairman who wants to break some eggs and make a new omelet. …

The other choice is a retired Marine Corps veteran and corporate executive, Tim Hannigan, who is the editor of the Fairfax Free Citizen and conservative activist. Tim, who ran for Chairman unsuccessfully two years ago, has prepared a detailed, precinct by precinct plan for the type of nuts and bolts rebuilding that is, really, the last hope for salvaging Fairfax County and capturing new voters.

His biggest upside? Mr. Hannigan has pledged to be a full-time Chairman, devoting the next two years to putting his bold and detailed plan in place and raising the money required to run a full-time party operation.”

 Chris Grisafe:“I whole-heartedly support and endorse Tim Hannigan to be the new Chairman of our Fairfax County Republican Committee. Tim knows the issues facing Fairfax County and what Republicans should do to address them and win politically. Tim supported my candidacy for School Board this past summer, which gave me the chance to get to know him first hand. He is thoughtful, measured, and a great communicator. I believe he will appeal to and inspire the best ideals of our party and principals; he will be an inclusive leader; he will be a champion for all of our candidates, and a unifier of our party and our community writ-large. Please take a chance to get to know Tim, and join me in voting for him on March 17th.”

John Hilton:  “As a former member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee and as a public official in Loudoun County currently, I care deeply about the quality of our Republican leadership in every county and city in Northern Virginia. “

In today’s environment nothing matters more than electing principled conservatives who are committed to winning elections above all else.  For this reason I endorse in the strongest possible terms the candidacy of Tim Hannigan to be the next Chairman and lead Fairfax Republicans to the type of victories we enjoyed not so long ago.“

Susan Lider:“As a member of Virginians for Quality Healthcare, I worked alongside Tim Hannigan several years ago until he moved on to start Fairfax Free Citizen, an excellent online and monthly print publication. He is a dedicated patriot who honorably served our country in positions of leadership and is clearly a person who understands the importance of strategy. And a new strategy is just what is needed to turn around FCRC into a winning organization. I will definitely vote for Tim Hannigan to be the next Chairman of FCRC and encourage others to do the same.”

 Jim Ruland:“I endorse retired Marine Tim Hannigan for FCRC Chairman as we need a leader and a fighter to win again in Fairfax County.  Oorah!”

 Elizabeth Schultz:“I endorse Tim Hannigan for Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC). We need a Chairman who clearly supports conservative positions, will effectively lead on issues and will focus on winning elections. Tim has engaged on a breadth of topics regarding Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), often attending School Board meetings and including conservative FCPS commentary in his Fairfax Free Citizen newspaper. I urge support for Tim to restore confidence in the leadership role of FCRC.”

Diane Stanley:“Tim will re-purpose the FCRC to produce wins for Republican candidates.  His political savvy, vigorous leadership and full-on dedication will energize the organization and revitalize our party in Northern Virginia.”

Cathy Trauernicht:“Tim Hannigan has my strong endorsement to be the next Chairman of the FCRC. Having observed Tim’s careful analysis of the organizational change required at the FCRC, I am confident that he has the knowledge, the skill, the background, and the temperament to lead the FCRC toward future electoral victories for Republicans in Fairfax County.  Republicans will rediscover a respected voice in the Commonwealth under his capable leadership. Even Democrats disgruntled with the Leftward tilt in their own Party will find an open, honest exchange possible with Tim. It’s time to Win Again with Hannigan!”

Robin Whitworth:  Tim’s can do attitude, time he is willing to dedicate to the job, and serious intent to unify the FCRC are key for my vote. There are clearly two types of opinions in FCRC, those wishing more aggressive, year ’round campaigning by the county unit, and those who wish to have campaign seasons by the candidates. With Tim we can have both. We can try a newer way which is proving devastating to us by the Democrats, while we continue to support candidate campaigns. This is why I’m voting for him

Julie Williams:  “Spike and I are supporting Tim Hannigan because we feel he is the best candidate to move the Fairfax County Republican Committee forward. He will also be able to unify and bring back the many grassroot volunteers who have left the committee. Please share with your friends and family who live in Fairfax County and ask them to become a delegate and vote for Tim on March 17th.”

Donna Widawski:  I personally endorse Tim Hannigan. (Former U.S. Secret Service Officer, one of the leaders of the Deplorables of NoVa, and former PWC Volunteer Lead for the Trump Campaign)