Restructure the FCRC

Attracting and unifying Republicans will require a major transformation of the FCRC. Electoral results routinely hovering in the 30th percentile call for more than a reform here or some tinkering there. The FCRC must restructure its organization, approaches, and processes that will enable political candidates from the Republican minority to defeat candidates from the majority Democrat majority consistently.


Restructuring will require building effective precinct organizations in all 244 county precincts (many of which don’t currently have assigned Precinct Captains) and reorganizing the FCRC staff. An imposing challenge, but one that must be met if Republicans are to succeed in the county.


It’s at the precinct level that the FCRC must make most contact with voters. And the best way to do that is for neighbors to talk in person or on the phone with prospective voters and encourage them to vote. For most effective precinct-based get-out-the-vote efforts, the FCRC must recruit, train, and support Precinct Captains and teams for all 244 precincts—an arduous task but one that has proven over and over again to deliver expectation-surpassing outcomes.

Moreover, to be effective, the FCRC must accomplish a wide scope of staff tasks, many of which it currently does not address. The proposed FCRC “scope chart” below lists these tasks, assigning accountability to “Directors” for completing them and teams of volunteers to work with the “Directors.” “Many hands make light work,” so a team to work each of the tasks will minimize the burdens of any one individual volunteer.

These task-oriented “Directors” and teams will work year round, not just during the fall election campaigns, to:


  • Develop and communicate targeted Republican messages throughout the county relentlessly so that voters understand what the Republican Party stands for and political candidates can leverage such messaging in their campaigns.
  • Wage ongoing, dynamic campaigns to broadcast Republican positions and messages to religious, ethnic, and other special interest “communities” across the county and cultivate Republican voters within them.
  • Track the operations, tactics, and general ongoings of the Democrat Party and candidates in the county so our party and candidates can exploit their weaknesses.
  • Establish and maintain a voter database year over year that will support get-out-the vote targeting.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to fill a wide range of FCRC, magisterial district, and precinct positions that are suitable for their talents, interests, and time availability.
  • Identify, orient, and support strong candidates for all elected offices that serve all or parts of Fairfax County.
  • Staff all polling locations throughout the county with Election Officials and Pollwatchers.
  • Raise the funds necessary to strengthen the Republican Party’s presence in the area, support aggressive FCRC operations, and provide material support for local Republican candidates.
  • Manage all organizational tasks and activities efficiently and professionally so as to deliver effective results and boost party morale.


A comprehensively organized, fully staffed, and professionally managed FCRC will inevitably yield much improved election results.