Reunify the FCRC

As the minority party, Fairfax County Republicans must welcome citizens who embrace the Republican Party of Virginia’s creed, even when they collegially disagree on implementing its principles on specific issues. Too often, such intra-party differences get magnified to the point that they drive voters and volunteers away from the party. The FCRC needs to focus on expanding the party, not allowing or encouraging practices that contract it.


Party expansion means drawing upon all available Republican talent, emphasizing vigorous internal discussions, but standing united when confronting Democrats—whose policies and practices too often constitute full-scale threats to our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This means we follow President Reagan’s 11th Commandment not to speak ill of fellow Republicans, including NOT labeling them as “establishment,” Tea Party,” “RINO,” or other such descriptive terms that highlight party division rather than commonality.


Party expansion also means reaching the tens of thousands of Republicans across the county who may not even know they are Republicans. Such not yet identified Republicans—people who faithfully attend their places of worship, join veteran and service organizations, reject restrictions on their rights to own and carry weapons to protect themselves, value a quality education for their children untainted by social experimentation, hail from ethnic communities that value hard work, fair opportunity, and the rule of law—will welcome Republican principles and messages when they hear about them frequently enough so they understand and appreciate the true Republican brand.


The FCRC must actively attract and unify all Republicans across the county—the known and the unknown.