Revitalize the FCRC

Can small organizations defeat large organizations? Read up on the history of General Washington and his rag tags defeating the larger and much better equipped British army. Look into how a small Catholic school in Indiana rallied around a man named Rockne and soundly defeated the big football schools of the east. Check out how a man named Jobs built a device in his garage and then refined and promoted it to such great success that it dwarfed mighty IBM. And have you observed how this long-shot fellow named Trump soundly trounced the mighty Clinton machine?


What did these audacious “minority parties” have in common? They out-thought, out-innovated, out-planned, out-hustled, and out-worked their larger opponents. It has been done. It can be done. And the FCRC can do it here in Fairfax County.


A reunified, restructured, and revitalized FCRC that galvanizes the 70% of registered voters who traditionally do not vote in local elections can  take control of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and School Board in the 2019 elections. Is that really possible? The answer is yes, if the minority Republicans convert their visceral distaste for losing into the unified, organized, disciplined actions necessary to turn out the GOP vote.