No More No-Go Zones

By Adrian Mungiu

Some media has reported on the appearance of “no-go zones” throughout Western Europe. Police in England, France, Switzerland, and Germany do not patrol or respond to requests from neighborhoods where Muslims dominate the populace and prefer Sharia Law to the existing laws of their respective country of residence. Many conservatives and moderates in America are in disbelief that the native population, police force, and government would stand by and allow these pockets of Sharia to exist.

Additionally, the local authorities, media, and politicians try to hide the negative effects of these foreign “agents of change” on their society. Londoners found out their Muslim immigrants were operating a child prostitution ring with over 1500 British girls being pimped in the Muslim community, and the police, media, and politicians did everything to minimize the importance and significance of this barbarism.

In Germany, every outdoor celebration is an excuse for their Muslim immigrants to sexually assault German girls and women. In Switzerland young girls are dyeing their hair black to lessen their chance of being raped. Any attempt to fight back against the Sharia behavior is greeted with threats of government action against the victimized group—natives!

While I’ve heard many complain about the standard European response to Sharia, I can’t help but notice that here in NOVA and indeed nationwide, we conservatives are equally weak in our response to Socialism. We look at African-American neighborhoods as “no-go zones.” The same for Latino neighborhoods. We treat Asian neighborhoods as “don’t-go neighborhoods.” We just don’t make the effort to deliver our message to that community.

When I’m handed a “walk sheet” and I see that only one in ten doors in any given development is to be knocked upon, I get furious. At some point in the past a Democrat lived at that address, and since there is no system to recheck each address for changes, that residence is permanently off our list as a prospective Republican or conservative. That residence is now a “no-go zone” in perpetuity according to the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC).

That is a micro example of our problem. Ignoring whole streets or neighborhoods based on race is a bigger problem. We need to message everywhere and surrender nowhere! We have written off black Americans as essentially unreachable. We do not engage the black community because we fear waking them before an election. We do not knock on doors that are not on our list for the same reason.

We just got crushed in an off-season election for School Board because we followed our tried and true method of not waking the sleeping giant of Democrat voters. Well, they are awake and have been for many years now. Keeping our heads low has made us invisible to our base and beneath contempt to our opponents. Pretending that we can win by not disturbing socialists and stealthily winning elections is as unrealistic as pretending leaving Sharia communities alone will somehow bridge cultural differences and create harmony in Europe.

Their cities literally burn, while our Constitution burns figuratively. They sacrifice their freedoms and safety voluntarily to keep their PC sensibilities and not “offend” their immigrants, while our freedoms and safety are taken by socialists who deem us as “enemies” and undeserving of the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution they ignore.

The FCRC must banish the “no-go zone” mentality. We should attack our opponents’ strongholds. We should spread the true history of the Democrats concerning blacks as slaves and citizens. I feel very good about Republican actions concerning slavery, segregation, and voting rights. It should be shared. Should we fear discussing “school choice”? Should we hide our contempt for Planned Parenthood locating overwhelmingly in black and Latino neighborhoods?

We are allowing Socialism to coalesce in minority neighborhoods and the universities just as Europeans allow Sharia to dominate neighborhoods, dictate police enforcement policy, slant media coverage, and censor political speech.

No-go is a no-no. We are Americans and cannot retreat within our own homeland. We are Conservatives and know a better, fairer way to live our lives to the fullest measure. We are Republicans and are the only hope of stopping Socialism. America is Freedom’s last chance for survival and Republicans are America’s only chance for survival as a free and open society.