Recruiting a GOP Army of Volunteers

To paraphrase the Army General’s answer to the enemy demand for surrender at Bastogne:  NUTS!
We can recruit a GOP Army of Volunteers in Fx County and we won’t surrender to the Democrats  …

Fairfax County Republicans will start winning again when we recruit and gainfully employ a sufficient number of volunteers required for an outnumbered political party to defeat the majority party.

Is that doable in Democrat-dominated Fairfax County? Yes, indeed it is. As I said in a previous newsletter on the critical need for effective precinct work:

“In a county of 1.1 million people, there are plenty of Republicans more than willing to provide some form of help. While some areas of the county may be more fertile for volunteers than others, the county is rich in potential Republican volunteers.”

So the question is how should the FCRC recruit volunteers and best employ them? Here are approaches, methods, and techniques I will implement when elected FCRC Chairman:

  • Establish at the FCRC level a Recruiting Committee, led by a Director and comprised of at least 27 volunteers, to work year-round recruiting volunteers.
  • Assign at least two of these volunteers the responsibility of providing direct recruiting support to each of the nine District Chairmen.
  • Establish desired staffing levels for each FCRC committee and district organizations, including Precinct Captains and precinct organizations.
  • Provide detailed job descriptions for all FCRC volunteer positions at both FCRC and district levels to the volunteer recruiters so they can effectively describe opportunities to potential volunteers based on their volunteer interests, talents, and time availability.
  • Establish new volunteer orientations one evening a week at the FCRC headquarters and invite new volunteers to attend them. The meetings will orient new volunteers toward FCRC activities, explain the scope of volunteer positions, and introduce new volunteers to the FCRC leaders with whom they will work.
  • Provide volunteer training sessions once a month for volunteers working in all FCRC and District task areas.
  • Track the assignment of volunteers to positions in a new FCRC volunteer tracking program that facilitates full volunteer situational awareness by the FCRC Chairman, District Chairmen, and Committee Leads.
  • Establish metrics with time-phased standards for the Recruiting Committee to track such key performance indicators as staffing fills vs. staffing levels, with special attention to Precinct Captain fills; numbers of calls/contacts with potential volunteers per week, month, and quarter; attendance numbers at weekly volunteer orientations and monthly training meetings, etc.
  • Establish a monthly awards program that recognizes the performance of our most effective volunteers and incentivizes other volunteers.

These are but a few of the best recruiting and recruiting management practices that we must implement to build our GOP Army of Volunteers in Fairfax County. But you get the idea.

Recruiting is not a black arts experience mastered only by gifted gurus. Like most other political tasks, it requires organization, persistence, enthusiasm, and hard work. Those are the qualities that migrated the American military decades ago from a draft-based force to an all-volunteer force that is the finest in the world.

The FCRC must learn from the military’s experience, adopt its recruiting approaches, and turn the Fairfax County GOP Volunteer Army into the finest political force in the country.

Let’s wake up. We live across the river from the political capital of the country. With the talent readily available, we should be able to build and manage a political machine. Won’t our Republican candidates running for political office from Fairfax County want that political machine working for them?

The Democrats in Fairfax County are not 10-feet tall, unless, of course, we convince ourselves that is the case. Not me! And not many others who have committed to supporting a reunified, restructured, and revitalized FCRC.

I ask you to please vote for me at the FCRC convention on March 17 and join our team in taking down Democrat control of Fairfax County.