Responses to Delegate Questions

Unify around an all-of-the-above solution …

Many delegates to the Fairfax County Republican Convention have raised good questions about approaches I will take as Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC). Here are my responses to some of them.

How will you unify the party after this contentious campaign for Chairman? We must remind ourselves that our mission as a political party is to expand the party, not contract it. I will welcome all Republicans to the party:  currently active Republicans, dissatisfied Republicans who have left the party, “Republicans who don’t know they’re Republicans.” We need to convey a welcoming attitude to all in all that we do.

More specifically, I will actively seek the help of all current and past volunteers who have actively supported Republican organizations and candidates in the county. In my concept of an expanded scope of FCRC work, we will have an extraordinary number of volunteer positions to fill. We will face a major challenge in filling them and can’t afford to be turning anyone away.

Of course, we must manage our volunteers effectively, lest they get discouraged and join the ranks of disgruntled Republicans. My professional management processes and tools will strengthen volunteer productivity and satisfaction.

An especially effective way to unify Republicans is to develop and communicate Republican positions on local issues, e.g., sanctuary policies in Fairfax County, never-ending property tax increases, traffic congestion in the area, high out-of-the norm Metro expenses, social experimentations and commentaries in Fairfax County Public Schools, etc.

Communicating bold Republican positions energetically and relentlessly inevitably rallies Republicans, especially when such messages address the gross policy overreaches perpetrated by Democrat officials in Fairfax County.

Will you include current members of the FCRC Executive Committee on your team? Yes, Yes, Yes! Contrary to misleading scuttlebutt wafting through party fever swamps, I will seek out all current members of the FCRC Executive Committee and ask them for their desired positions in my revised organizational structure.

Early in my campaign I said one of my first calls if I win the Chairmanship will be to my opponent asking him what job he would like to undertake. (See “Experience and Commitment” video here.) Nothing has changed since I made that offer. He has a following among Fairfax County Republicans, and it would be downright stupid for the FCRC not to tap into that. See my views on “that’s politics” here.

What types of local issues do you plan to have the FCRC take positions on? The FCRC should stake out positions on issues that will resonate with all or parts of Fairfax County residents and will yield a net increase of Republican voters and volunteers. For starters, in addition to those listed in the answer to the first question above, the FCRC should explore taking positions on:

  • Revising the county government’s pension plans that appear to be increasingly unsustainable
  • Eliminating the county’s Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax
  • Opposing the renaming of public school and spending tax dollars to do so
  • Revising the Family Life Education (FLE) program so that it serves the interests of parents
  • Designing realistic toll solutions for the I-66 corridor
  • Increasing the transparency of decision-making by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
  • Challenging the usefulness of spending large sums of taxpayer money on pedestrian and bike paths while the county’s traffic crisis accelerates
  • Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of nearly empty county and Metro buses roaming continuously throughout the county
  • Opposing Medicaid expansion that will inevitably swallow up the state budget and hike state taxes
  • Promoting the authorization of home schooled children to participate on public school athletic teams
  • Promoting effective policing of illegal immigrants in the county, especially the criminal element
  • And many, many more.

Which Republican candidates for elective office do you plan to support as the FCRC Chairman? I will ensure the FCRC vigorously supports all Republican nominees for elective office. We need to rally around all nominees who have stepped up and sacrificed to win public office. For such Republican nominees, the FCRC should be able to deliver voters who are well-versed on Republican positions on key local issues, trained get-out-the-vote volunteers, information about Democrat candidates and their campaigns, useful precinct-level voter data, a Republican communications capability, poll support, and even some financial support.

As the FCRC Chairman, I will NOT support one Republican candidate over another Republican candidate before the Republican nomination is complete. The FCRC Chairman is responsible for designing and implementing a fair nomination process. Such fairness, and certainly the perception of fairness, is not realistic if the Chairman endorses one candidate over another.

Please keep the good questions coming, as they help to sharpen my thinking about how best the FCRC can expand and reinvigorate the Republican Party in Fairfax County. Republicans can, and must, start winning again in Fairfax County.

I ask for your vote at the FCRC convention to elect a new Chairman on March 17.