Thanks for Your Service

Thanks for serving as a convention delegate  vote for FCRC transformation  …

Many thanks for signing up as a delegate to the Fairfax County Republican convention to select a new Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC).

To remind, the convention will take place at 9:00 AM, March 17, South Lakes High School in Reston. I’ll provide convention details in a later newsletter.

Being very dissatisfied with accelerating Republican electoral losses over the past few years, I am the Chairman candidate who is advocating a major transformation of the FCRC and overall Republican activities in the county.

You can read about my backgroundwhy I’m running for Chairman, and what I plan to do if elected at my website: You can also review photos of my family and me here and watch videos of me speaking about my FCRC plans here.

In brief:

  • As the outnumbered party, we must reunify, restructure, and reinvigorate. Read about my top-level plan for doing so here. Note the chart that shows the much broadened scope of work that the FCRC must undertake to achieve success in the county.
  • The FCRC must “shape the political battlefield” in Fairfax County by developing and messaging what Republicans stand for, especially regarding local government, school, law enforcement, and transportation issues. Read about my plan for inspiring Republican voters, volunteers, future GOP candidates, and potential donors here.
  • The FCRC must ditch “the status quo model” of politics-as-usual and implement a professional management model that features teams of volunteers assigned to major political tasks:  opposition research, position development, relentless messaging, year-round volunteer recruiting, volunteer and voter data management systems that facilitate operations visibility and accountability, aggressive and long-term recruiting of political candidates, widespread community engagement to identify “Republicans who don’t know they’re Republicans,” focused and relationship-based fundraising, informative and entertaining FCRC events, and much, much more. Read about this professional management model here.
  • The most effective political advocacy takes place at the precinct level, where Republican Precinct Captains and their teams can talk to their neighbors about the merits of voting Republican. Retail politics! Read here about how the FCRC can recruit Precinct Captains for all 243 precincts and rebuild this neglected get-out-the-vote capability. While there, you can also read about my (real) record as the Waples Mill Precinct Captain for the past four years.
  • Scurrilous rumors of a Stalinesque purge of current hard-working FCRC office-holders and volunteers are entirely unfounded“fake news” in 2018 parlance. Read about my real views about political competition and “That’s Politics” here.

Had enough reading assignments for now? Well, there are more coming as I plan to address other parts of my plan for reinvigorating the FCRC in follow-on newsletters. You’ll note that I will add them to my website under the dropdown entitled “FCRC Transformation” and to the list of links in the right column of my future newsletters.

The time has come for Fairfax County Republicans to face reality:  we are on the precipice of irrelevance in the county and will plunge into oblivion if we don’t make major changes to our political structures and approaches.

But we don’t have to accept that fate. We can, and must, restructure, reunify, and reinvigorate the FCRC. Once we do that, we can start winning again.

I pledge to work on a full-time basis to lead our effort. And I will call upon you and other interested and talented Republicans across the county to participate in that undertaking. Togetherwe can turn around Republican performance in Fairfax County.